About Spelks

The brainchild of Jonathon Sabiston (guitar, drums, bass, keys, vocals), Spelks was borne out of a desire to create a musical project without compromise, writing and recording all the parts himself. Recorded in a cramped spare room in his Newcastle based flat, The Happy Places perfectly encapsulates Spelks sparse, yet quirky, noise pop sound.

Opening with scuzzy, discordant guitar notes and a simple, yet effective, toe tapping drum beat, The Happy Places offers an uplifting, summery charm, playfully straddling the line between the new wave pop sensibilities of Squeeze and the lo-fi alt.rock associated with acts like Surfer Blood and Cloud Nothings.

Written about living with agoraphobia and anxiety, the themes contained within The Happy Places elements of which we can all relate to, and offers an uplifting message about the desire and ability we have to find hope and contentment within ourselves.

The Happy Places is out now via Montgomery Records.


2020         THE HAPPY PLACES